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Ceramic Artist  
Allison Marion Earthpoet Peel
Seattle, Washington - USA 
 We await word for stay at home orders to be lifted. For now, my studio is closed. I will, at some point, again be selling my art directly to customers hand to hand- we are hoping to be back by the end of the year at Seattle's Pike Place Market, in the North Arcade crafts market day stalls. The Market overlooks the waterfront, 
and is centrally located in downtown Seattle. Sales tables typically chosen by DDCS in the market are in or near the Desimone Bridge. The entrance is at the base of Stewart St. and the cobblestone street called Pike Place. We sure are looking forward to opening up again, hopefully by the end of the summer of 2020. I long to watch the ferries and sunsets, the ferris wheel and the beautiful view from the deck and Pavilion area. 
Allison's ceramic art is created using a combination of methods. It is hand-built, thrown, press-molded, stamped, and slip cast, and methods are often used in combination to create unique, uplifting, collectable and affordable art.
February of 2020 brought a devastating change to Dark Duck Clay Shop. Our house caught on fire, and we are, as of this writing in June of 2020, deep in the process of rebuilding the house. I am not able to create any new work yet. Not to despair, because our new house will be much improved.
We will have a grand re-opening. 
Dark Duck Clay Shop will be up and running again in a few months. 

Here at Dark Duck Clay Shop art is created in the company of  2 Black Cayuga, one Welsh Harlequin, and 2 Golden 300 ducks. 2018 and 2019 were focused on expanding and upgrading the work areas outside the shop to create an outdoor studio. This home and workshop is a 25 min. drive south east of downtown Seattle. We use knowledge of permaculture and alternative construction as we develop our studio and gardens. The outdoor workshop areas are designed to accommodate sculpting with cement, hypertufa, natural plaster and cob projects. We hope to hold group workshops when we reopen (in addition to the ongoing creation of Allison's ceramic art.)  We have completed a lovely floor for Project Decadome last summer. This 14 foot diameter geodesic dome will be used as a library, studio while we rebuild, and a meditation space. We're doing tests with natural plasters and pumice-crete, and are closing in on a draping system to make a hard shell covering for the dome. The floor was constructed with salvaged tongue and groove knotty pine planks laid in a beautiful pentagon! Then finished with poured concrete. It's an experimental shelter for the exploration of the use of various earthen and cementitious sculptural media, in particular blends that are low intensity, leave a light ecological footprint, and adhere to design aesthetics based on recyclable and reusable construction materials. Despite being made partially out of cement, this dome is designed for the ability to deconstruct if it ever needs to be moved. Art, home, and workshop reflect and express the values rooted in walking the Peaceful Path and honoring the ethics of Sustainable Growth. Ocean life, forest creatures and the unique textures and forms of living things are favorite subjects. Cosmic and ancient symbols, the preservation of life and biodiversity, Earth our Mother, Shambhala Buddhism, and multicultural community are the contemplative values and teachings which inspire us forward. Project Decadome is an evolving experimental sculpted shelter to be researched and built hands-on and from the ground-up while we all gain knowledge of sacred geometry inherent in its 10 cornered shape . Please contact DDCS using the above tab if you are interested

in being involved in workshops.

Allison's vitrified ceramic art is fired in electric kilns to

2,300 degrees F.  A range of studio sieved matte & gloss glazes in a contrasting array of vivid and subtle colors, dipped, brushed, and poured for a full range of surface effects are represented.




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